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Library Telegram Bot

Here we will create a telegram bot which will send random book of given genre to user.

We will use an open source project “draw your bot” ( to generate a bot. It allows to draw a bot structure in instead of coding it.

So we need to clone drawyourbot project and install its requirements (the instructions of how to install requirements are here:

And we also need to register our bot in telegram (the instruction is here:

As we have a project we need a library (books sorted by genre). For this bot I will use a very small library like that:

Project and library structure

And we also need a function which will get one of those book so we could send it to user. Here is that function code (you should put it into bots directory to the file

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And the only thing left is todraw a bot structure:

bot structure in drawio

You need to change bot_token to your bots token and if you are using your own function, you need to change _functions_book_funcs::find_book(genre) to your own function.

And as you are done, you need just to generate a bot (instructions:

And you have a bot which you can run and test:

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