Connect with random people instantly. Find them in the world’s largest group chat. The “Omegle” for people who don’t want to get creepy messages from old people and weird strangers! Free private chat forever, and meet people along the way. Zonish is also great for you to contact your friends anonymously. is also the best way to contact your friends anonymously, without your parents finding out! Our site is pretty much a way for you to launder your chats. Statistically, the chance of someone finding your chat is impossible, unless they are with you in real life, looking at your computer or device. We hope to make the internet a safer and more secure place for everyone to chat on, without the risks of being spied on, by anyone untrustworthy. Talking to strangers online can be sketchy, so if you are ever talking to someone you don’t feel comfortable with, please just leave the chat. If you are reading this, please let us know if you have any ideas, questions, or concerns for our website here: [email protected] Thanks for reading and enjoy chatting!

Less than 48hrs to Go!

We only have a few seats available!

We are just hours away from the start of the Chatbot Conference and Certified Workshops.

We are almost sold out and only a few tickets remain on Hopin. If you haven’t registered this is the last chance.

We hope to see you on Tuesday!

So what’s new?

We’ve taken our certified workshops to the next level!

We partnered up with the best teachers, so our workshops are now taught by Google, CoCoHub, Conversational Design Institute and BotCopy!

If you haven’t registered, this is the perfect time to sign up and save your spot.

3 Day Agenda

  • On-Demand: Available Now
  • May 25th: Chatbot Conference Online. Network with the top industry speakers and leaders.
  • May 26th: Certified Conversational UX Workshop with Conversational Design Institute & CoCoHub
  • May 27th: Certified Dialogflow NLP Workshop with Google & Botcopy.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Conference.

See What Past Attendees are Saying

3 Reasons you need to Attend:

  1. Save Time: Discover how Enterprises are using Chatbots, AI and Voice from Top Industry Experts. Attending our events puts you in touch with Top Experts in AI, Bots , Voice and saves you a lot of time and trial and error.
  2. Certified Workshops taught by Google, Conversational Design Institute, CoCoHub & Botcopy: Learn how to Design and Develop Chatbots and Voice Apps in our full day workshops. Workshops like this typically cost between $2,000 — $5,000. Workshop details below.
  3. Networking & Virtual Happy Hour: We have digitized the networking experience! In our upcoming event, you will be able to virtually network with speakers, attendees, vendors and exchange contact information with the click of a button.

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