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Introducing multi-language: a new way to design and localize your conversations


Botsociety now enables you to design multi-language conversations in the same design file. It has been a while that we have been testing this, but we are happy to introduce this feature to everyone. Forget creating different design files for different languages, now will be able to collaborate with others in the same design file.

In short, the multi-language feature is a new way to translate and localize conversations in the same design file.


The multi-language challenge

This sounds like a minor request, but trust us this is a powerful feature that is going to empower everyone that is working on a project with multiple languages. Before this, if you needed to design conversations for different languages, for example, English and Spanish, you probably would create a design file for each language.

Many teams have been taking this approach, but this increases the complexity and efforts to keep the design files updated. It’s a big challenge to localize the conversations if the translators don’t understand the entire context. To help you to solve this, you now can design everything within the same design file and can understand the context, the paths, and translate all of these conversations.

This feature will enable you and your team to rapidly visualize all the conversations in a different language and be able to localize the content and connect them as you design. Like a blueprint for multiple languages.

The power of localization for multi-language conversations

We strongly believe that conversations should be relevant and delight users while having a conversation with an AI assistant. It’s easier to spot when the content of a conversation was translated rather than localized to a local audience. It’s a great experience when you feel that the conversation was designed just for local people.

This new feature will enable you to create this same feeling for your users. You can use it today in your projects and with your teammates, and you can add as many languages as you want to your design file.

To translate or localize the conversations of your design files, you just need to:

  • Open the multi-language mode: this feature is available to any preset and you can open this mode by clicking on the Language icon on the left bottom part of your design file
  • Enable new languages for your project: you’re able to select one or more languages for your project.
  • Select the language: You can design for many different languages and you work with multiple languages at once. To see a particular message with language, just select the language under the “Display language” and see a translated version on the right side of the message you’re translating.

This also works for utterances and you will be able to localize the whole design file. We hope you get as excited as we are to offer this really new and powerful feature in the industry. We’re on a mission to democratize #conversationdesign and more things like this will unfold soon. Feel free to share your thoughts with us on Twitter or to write a request in the Botsociety’s Community Forum.


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