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How to Design a Logo for Chatbots

How to Design a Logo for Chatbots

A logo is the first face of the chatbot. Its main power lies in its visual nature: it is a leading channel of receiving information about the world around them for the vast majority of people. Accordingly, correctly chosen logos create solid images in the mind and form a stable positive associative series with the chatbot.

A stylish and up-to-date logo is an excellent tool for chatbot promotion. Many businesses make a logo for chatbots incorrectly. As a result, people don’t use them because chatbots` logos don’t attract their attention.

Logo allows you to convey to chatbot users everything that you consider necessary. The creation of a chatbot should be approached responsibly and carefully. A well-designed logo will improve the chatbot’s popularity, while a low-quality logo will only harm the chatbot.

The principles of chatbot logo

Is it possible to make a visually impressive and effective logo for the chatbot by yourself? Yes, to design a quality chatbot logo is more than realistic, but for this, you need to know some rules of composition, the choice of shades, and other details.


A lot has already been invented in today’s world, but this is not an excuse for copying elements used by other chatbots. At the same time, no one forbids to be inspired by successful options and create something of your own: original, exceptional.

Conformity with the direction of the chatbot

Even the most stylish, beautiful, neat, relevant logo will not promote the chatbot if it does not reflect its field of activity. Users may simply not understand what the chatbot does.

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Simplicity and memorability

As a rule, both of these qualities lie on the same plane. Overly complex and intricate logos are remembered by the users worse than minimalist ones.

Tips for choosing a typeface

There are a huge variety of different fonts that can be used in the chatbot logo. But how do you decide which one to use? To do this, use the top tips for choosing a font for your chatbot logo.

Keep in mind your chatbot’s line of business

Logo font should fit your chatbot. It can be used to convey the chatbot’s strengths and characteristics. For example, for a watch store chatbot, it’s best to use a serif font with smooth lines.

You can also analyze your competitors. Look at what fonts they use in their chatbot logos. You don’t have to choose the same style, but tracing the general direction is a good idea.

Strive for harmony

All elements of the logo, including font style, should blend with each other. For example, a large and heavy inscription will not work for a minimalist knowledge management chatbot logo.

Use 1–2 fonts

When a chatbot logo displays several font styles at once, it looks absurd. It’s important not to go overboard. Optimal to use a chatbot logo of 1–2 different fonts (although it’s better to stop at one type).

Watch for clarity

There should be enough spacing between letters. This will allow the clients to more easily perceive what is written. Merging elements of the inscription should be avoided.

Get creative

Don’t just do what everyone else is doing. You don’t have to choose a font with oriental motifs for a Chinese food restaurant chatbot. You can use a more standard style, and reflect the chatbot’s specialization with icons and colors.

How to choose a logo icon for a chatbot

An icon is an image on a logo. With the help of this element, you can tell clients about the purpose of the chatbot without words. The icon is the first thing customers pay attention to when they see your logo. Therefore, you should take care of the proper selection of images for the emblem.

Below are basic tips for choosing an icon for a chatbot logo of any direction.

Reflect the theme

A themed icon should tell you as clearly as possible about your chatbot’s field of work. For example, for a coffee shop, it is optimal to use images of coffee beans, mugs, coffee machines, etc. on the chatbot logo. Thus, the client, just once looking at the logo, will learn about the purpose of the chatbot.

You can also use an abstract icon. This is quite a bold step. But more and more companies tend to choose such images for their logo.

Watch for compatibility

The icon should be in harmony with the font of the inscription and the color. For a heavy title and dark colors it is better to use a weighty picture. Thus, you will get a seamless brand, made in the same style.

Do not overload the logo

If all the elements of the logo look loaded and worked out, the realistic and large icons will completely overload the design. Therefore, it is important to strive to keep the logo light and simple.

How to choose the color of the chatbot logo

The color of a logo plays an important role in the attractiveness of the user. In addition, colors can tell a lot of information about the chatbot. To choose a color scheme, it is advisable to study the psychology of colors in a logo. Each shade evokes certain associations in customers. And the wrong color can create a false impression of the chatbot.

I have collected the main recommendations on the selection of colors. Based on these tips, it will be easier for you to decide on the color of the chatbot logo.

Study your competitors

It is always useful to analyze the work of your main “competitors” in the market. It allows you to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, so you can use this to the benefit of your brand. The same goes for colors. You should look at what logo colors similar brands are using. You don’t have to use the same colors. But this information will help you move in the right direction.

Stop at one or two colors

In the chatbot logo, it’s important not to go overboard. To make the logo look beautiful and harmonious, it is better not to use more than 2 colors. Optimal to paint in one shade background, and in the second — the main elements. You can use additional tones, but they should be derived from the primary colors. Ready-made color schemes can help in choosing colors.

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