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13 Fun Slack Bots to Bring the Human Connection to Your Workspace

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Finding new ways for teams to motivate and connect?

Here are 13 Slack bots that will bring fun and build a human connection to your workspace.

1. Trivia

Trivia helps teams forge stronger connections by enabling people to conduct team-building activities and games and feel more productive. Trivia brings together teams to play real-time games and virtual water coolers right inside Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Chat.

2. EngageWith

EngageWith is an employee recognition and rewards tool that enriches your company culture. It virtually brings recognition and fun within your Slack and MS Teams workspace.

3. Meme Bot

Tired of copy-pasting memes from google search? Use this Meme Bot with the /meme-list and /meme commands to generate instant memes from slack and be a meme hero.

4. Spoiler

Spoiler is a free Slack add-in to warn your team of possible spoilers. Want to discuss The Force Awakens but a certain someone has not gotten around to it yet? Be the courteous one and warn your team that a spoiler lies ahead.

5. Decision Bot

Need to make a team decision? Who makes the next coffee, where to go for lunch or who’s going to answer the phone. Use Decision Bot to get an instant decision. Use /coinflip or /diceroll to get an instant decision.

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6. Dog Facts

Add this app to your team’s Slack and use the available slash command (A Slack slash command /dogfact) to retrieve a fun fact about dogs!

7. Booky

​Booky lets you quickly share books read with your team. by using /booky you can search for books and post their descriptions allowing you and your team to add it to your Goodreads shelves right there in Slack!

8. Good Today

​Good Today is the easiest way for teams to making giving apart of their company culture. Engage, educate, and empower your employees to have a say in where your company’s charitable dollars go.

9. Yarn

Find video clips from your favorite movies, TV, and music videos. Enter a quote or lyric and Yarn automatically returns a short video clip that matches.

10. CoDo

CoDo for Slack is a social motivation tool to help persistent daily and weekly achievement by making group challenges, tracking, and celebrating the progress with colleagues.

11. Lunch Buddies

This app helps build strong team connections by scheduling participants into random groups for lunch. To initiate the process, invite the Lunch Buddies bot to any channel and say @Lunch Buddies create.

12. Snack

Snack is a 100% opt-in, distraction-free way for remote teams to have virtual coffee breaks. Distributed teams use Snack to build authentic relationships, promote collaboration and share knowledge within Slack.

13. ChatFox

Remote teams that only engage through projects, tasks and deadlines do not foster a culture around shared values and goals. Use ChatFox to incentivize your team to have more meaningful conversations based on shared values.

Do you have any other fun slack bots? Please share here.

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